Esalen Emergency Closure Relief Fund

 Esalen to reopen July 28. Support us during our closure with our Emergency Closure Relief Fund.



“Esalen! How to even begin? Every time I lead a workshop at Esalen I become more and more myself. I can’t imagine being where I am or who I am without this amazing place. It is a place filled with magic. I love you Esalen.”
Ann Bradney, Director, Radical Aliveness Institute and Esalen Teacher
Soul Motion™ work has taken me around the world, yet nothing compares to the open field and curious climate that participants evoke at Esalen. Here, you cannot help but feel in your bones what has gone on here and derive benefit from teachings both ancient and contemporary. Esalen shakes me to the core. Each time I walk on the property and bathe in the waters, I am reminded that all things work in accordance with a grand view.
Vinn Martí, Creator of Soul Motion,
“Unfortunately, there isn’t much in this world that lives up to, much less exceeds our expectations. For many, if not most, people, Esalen does just that. Superlatives abound: Beautiful, rapturous, divine, transformational. As a workshop leader since 1988, I get to witness people courageously emerging into their fullest selves. I see them bravely tackle their process to free themselves from the confines of…conditioning and societal norms to manifest the creativity they have always intuitively known was within themselves. Esalen provides a safe, spacious arena to undertake these kinds of intensely human experiments, so that people can contribute this experience into a world that so needs us to be as big and fully human as possible.”
Paula Shaw, Creator of THE MAX,


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