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Upcoming Massage Workshops

Opening the Pelvis, Balancing the Core

Mar 13 - 15 Begins in 1 week
with Tom Myers

As the keystone of human architecture, the pelvis is a potent center of power and feeling. This workshop is for manual therapy professionals and hands-on movement teachers, and offers instruction in effective and sensitive body work that focuses on the obscure corners of the pelvis and hips.


Massage Retreat for Couples   

Mar 18 - 20 Begins in 1 week
with Carl Swanson & Laurie Lioness Parizek

This workshop is designed for loving partners who wish to bring the nurturing practice of massage into their daily lives and spend special time together, cradled in the beauty and intensity of the Big Sur coast. It is also for couples who want to deepen already existing skills and for those who want to create more time in their lives for healing and intimacy.


Brilliant Body: Fundamentals of Conquering Injury and Pain

Mar 22 - 27 Begins in 2 weeks
with Jean Couch & Jenn Sherer

Do chronic tension, stress, or aches and pains plague you? Are you fit, but injured? Do you feel tight all the time? In our cultural love affair with muscles, we have overlooked a key component of wellness: our skeleton. Whether you are a high-performance athlete or sit in a chair all day, making your bones work for you instead of against you can put you on a path of unimaginable wellness and efficiency. Healing begins with an understanding of alignment patterns that cause premature aging, tension, pain, and/or injury.


Being Present in the Body: Using Mindfulness to Work with Trauma

Mar 27 - 29 Begins in 3 weeks
with Pawan Bareja

Our desire to be happy is our most basic urge, but physical or emotional trauma can get in the way. Traumatic responses, especially from old painful unresolved experiences, are embedded in our body and in our behavior, and have the ability to blindside us and sabotage our happiness. These responses often produce stress that no longer serves us in our present day-to-day life. Is it possible to recognize the traumatic responses in your body? How can you recognize the non-verbal traumatic responses in your reptilian brain?


Esalen® Massage - The Basics

Mar 27 - 29 Begins in 3 weeks
with Daniela Urbassek & Laurie Lioness Parizek

During an Esalen Massage, we experience a remarkable web of interdependence: a listening touch, a deepening breath, a sense of connection with another. When we receive a massage we remember an easier time and "come home."


Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: Advanced Back-work: Healing Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Mar 29 - Apr 03 Begins in 3 weeks
with Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

Competent, deep soft-tissue work is an invaluable tool in the skill-set of today’s successful massage and bodywork practitioner. The number one complaint any bodyworker deals with over time is acute and chronic back pain. In this new Healing Art of Deep Bodywork seminar, we will continue to develop the practitioner’s knowledge of how to assess and relieve the different types of back problems that clients present. Up until now, all of the work on the back we have learned has been done with clients laying face up or face down.


A Weekend of Advanced Esalen® Massage

Apr 03 - 05 Begins in 4 weeks
with Rob Wilks & Vicki Topp

This weekend provides practitioners with the opportunity to inspire their current massage practice. Experienced Esalen Massage and Bodywork practitioners Rob Wilks and Vicki Topp will offer unique explorations in the practices of gentle extensions and dynamic mobilization, along with soft and deep tissue release work. Range of motion and passive release techniques will also be brought onto the table, creating an atmosphere of innovation and exploration.


Esalen® Massage and Meditation

Apr 12 - 17 Begins in 1 month
with Oliver Bailey & Peggy Horan

Esalen Massage is a moving meditation, a practice in presence and mindfulness, and a loving healing art. When practiced with focused attention, massage comes from a deep, quiet place that resides inside each of us. The practice of meditation can help access the parasympathetic nervous system, where healing originates. As we give a massage, this healing state of mind can permeate the field that practitioner and receiver create together.


Spinal Awareness (with Humor): The Essence of Feldenkrais® and Energy Work

Apr 19 - 24 Begins in 1 month
with Patrick Douce

Spinal awareness is a combination of the Feldenkrais Method®, Taoist energetic science, and the Esalen experience. In this workshop, participants will experience movements that help bring new awareness as well as maintain health and assist in the rehabilitation of pain, tension, stiffness, limitation, and injury.
The use of joy and humor will be the undertone of this time together. Real freedom in the body is also freedom of spirit and fun.


5Rhythms®: Heartbeat

Apr 26 - May 01 Begins in 1 month
with Lucia Horan

Love is not a mood, but a dynamic way of being. - Gabrielle Roth
The spontaneous heart is one that knows how to love and be loved. The Heartbeat map is a guide to how our emotional energy moves and morphs. In this practice we embody the art of being a fluid emotional athlete. This map teaches us how to navigate the emotional terrain of life without getting stuck, holding on, or pushing away.


Your Life Cannot Be Any Easier Than Your Movements: Healing with Cortical Field Reeducation®, Feldenkrais®, and Brain Plasticity

Apr 26 - May 03 Begins in 1 month
with Harriet Goslins & Sybil Krauter

How we sit, stand, move, or respond to contact with others reflects patterns wired into our nervous systems in infancy. By early childhood, conflicting intentions distort these patterns. Feeling powerless, we attempt to survive and to win love by figuring out “the rules.” The resulting strategies may protect us as children but, deeply ingrained in our muscular postures and movements, they limit our choices as adults. These engrams remain outside of awareness, causing discomfort and dysfunction.


Esalen® Massage for Couples, Friends or Family Members

May 08 - 10 Begins in 2 months
with Carl Swanson & Vicki Topp

Come with your partner to discover the movements and creative, loving connections available to your relationship through Esalen Massage. This workshop provides a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and connect, to enhance sensitivity, and to reawaken intimate touch. The fundamental elements of Esalen Massage, such as breath awareness, quality of touch, and long integrative body strokes, will be combined with creative stretches and table movements, to support partners in giving and receiving a pleasurable full body massage.


Touching Essence™: Esalen® Massage and Essential Oils

May 17 - 22 Begins in 2 months
with Daniela Urbassek & Ellen Watson

The artistry of a skilled Esalen® Massage practitioner is recognized among connoisseurs of bodywork all over the world.  This “quality of touch” is one of the fundamental elements of Esalen Massage style and philosophy. When we add the use of essential oils, we actively engage another powerful sense. Our sense of smell has a more powerful capacity to take us deeply into our memories than any other sense. When combined with massage, a powerful alchemy occurs: deep relaxation, an opening of the heart, and freeing of breath.


IAHE: The Upledger Institute International's CranioSacral Therapy 1

May 24 - 29 Begins in 2 months
with Eric Moya

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive, hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the craniosacral system that may cause sensory, motor, or intellectual dysfunction. It is used to treat a myriad of health problems, including headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ dysfunction, chronic fatigue, motor coordination difficulties, eye problems, endogenous depression, hyperactivity, and central nervous system disorders.


Deep Tissue Skills for Massage Practitioners: Healing the Neck, Opening the Chest and Freeing Breath

Jun 07 - 12 Begins in 3 months
with Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

There is growing demand for massage practitioners who have mastered the art of moving deeply into the body with skill and sensitivity. As we open the body’s deeper soft tissue layers, “stuck” energy in the form of shortened, hardened tissue is mobilized, making this energy available to support us in the process of healing.


Dynamic Woman Qigong

Jun 12 - 14 Begins in 3 months
with Deborah Davis

Qigong is an ancient system of self-healing from China that has been used for more than 2,000 years to maintain health, achieve longevity, and treat disease. Qigong consists of gentle exercises that combine breath, slow movement, self-massage, and meditation to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Simple yet profound, qigong provides many health benefits and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Dynamic Woman Qigong was designed specifically for women to increase vitality/stamina, improve digestion, trim the waist, and help prevent breast cancer.


Inner Power Qigong: The 9 Phases of Qi Cultivation and Mastery

Jun 21 - 26 Begins in 3 months
with Roger Jahnke

The greatest promise is that we can heal our own pain and suffering, our body-mind-spirit.
Qigong, also known as energy empowerment and Chinese yoga, was developed by China’s shamans more than 5,000 years ago. Drawing on forty years of experience and nine trips to China’s sacred mountains, Roger Jahnke has guided thousands of people in exploring the potential of life’s energies – the qi.


Introduction to Esalen® Massage: The Art of Healing Touch 

Jun 26 - 28 Begins in 3 months
with Brita Ostrom & Peggy Horan

During an Esalen Massage, we experience a remarkable web of interdependence: a listening touch, a deepening breath, our nervous system soothed in connection with another. When we receive a massage we remember an easier time and "come home."


IAHE - Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries

Jul 19 - 24 Begins in 4 months
with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

To thrive in today’s demanding world, we all need full access to our inner and outer resources. This course teaches how the deep wisdom of the body can help navigate our living, working, healing, and relating. Listening to this body-wisdom as the ground of knowing enables us to rediscover our innate spirituality and develop our emotional intelligence.


Healing the Pelvic Floor: Reclaiming your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential 

Jul 24 - 31 Begins in 4 months
with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

“As women we have a unique power of creativity in our reproductive system,” Suzanne Scurlock-Durana writes. “That power is used not only to create new life, but also to bring personal projects into being. However, that energy can be blocked by physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma to the pelvic floor and the female organs.


Surrender to the Power of Your Intuition

Jul 24 - 26 Begins in 4 months
with Judith Orloff

Intuition is an incredible source of wisdom that everyone can tap into. The magic comes when we awaken it and trust its guidance in our personal and professional lives. Yet too many of us walk around out of touch with our inner voice. Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist, intuitive healer, and NY Times best-selling author, shows how to reclaim this intelligence. She passionately believes that the future of medicine lies in using intuition to access deeper insight, empathy, and greater wellness.


IAHE - Full Body Presence: Skills to Energize Your Life

Aug 28 - 30 Begins in 5 months
with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

Energize your daily life in this weekend workshop. Gain practical tools and skills that will enable you to meet life's challenges with new resources that don't fade but grow stronger with practice.
Discover how to tune into your body's wisdom and acquire skills to stay energized in the face of life stressors and draining situations. Learn exact tools for re-charging your system to calm physical tension and quiet your mind. Leave the weekend more embodied, with clarity about how your own full body presence can support you in your world.


Work Study - Streams of Energy

Sep 27 - Oct 25 Begins in 6 months
with Jim Gallas

Jim Gallas leads this program of Eastern bodywork and movement, including Reiki 1 Certification, a thorough overview of Shiatsu Massage, an introduction to meridian theory, and an easy-to-learn, powerful Chi Kung form. Various meditations, self-massage, and improv games will be used to encourage awareness and expression. The program is designed to open students to their own innate healing potentials, to the power of safe, therapeutic touch, and to being more fully present in their ongoing unfolding. Participants will also receive valuable tools to facilitate the healing of others.


Legacy Group - Practicing Presence through Body Centered Awareness

Oct 25 - Nov 22 Begins in 7 months
with Patrice Hamilton

"The issues are in the tissues.” Habitual beliefs and behaviors formed early in life lead to habitual ways of responding that limit life experience. Our bodies are our greatest resource. They provide a direct path for exploring these unconscious beliefs and the emotions tied to them. By increasing awareness of our bodies, we connect with the here and now, where change and growth are possible.


Work Study - Deep Bodywork®

Dec 20 - Jan 17 Begins in 9 months
with Rob Wilks

Deep Bodywork, as created by Perry Holloman over the last twenty-five years at Esalen Institute, is a method that integrates the qualities of a flowing Esalen® Massage with the therapeutic effectiveness of deep tissue work. Using deep tissue methods, massage practitioners can enter the body’s deeper soft tissue layers, freeing previously dense, hardened areas, which may have become chronically painful due to a lack of fluid exchange and energy flow.



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