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Brain, Mind and Consciousness: A Deep Knowing Weekend of October 6-8, 2017

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The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe, and the study of its structure and function is one of the most rapidly developing fields in contemporary science. Yet many great mysteries remain, including understanding the brain processes involved in memory, perception, mental illness, and arguably the greatest unanswered question in all of science: How are consciousness and mind related to the physical processes within the brain? In addressing the question of the nature of mind, one necessarily encounters the boundary between biophysical science and concepts of spirit and soul. Participants will develop an understanding of the biology of the brain and the neuroscience of consciousness, the effects of drugs on the brain and mind, and the emerging dialogue between neuroscience and the contemplative-meditative disciplines. In addition, we will gain wisdom about consciousness through the experiential route of meditation. This workshop is of interest and value to anyone, including health professionals from all clinical areas who wish to deeply explore the mind-body connection.
CE credit for nurses;
CE credit for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs;


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