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The Science of Happiness and Well-being Weekend of October 13-15, 2017

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What brings us true happiness? We know from research that we often fail to correctly predict the things that will bring us happiness, and forget to nourish those things that truly bring our soul contentment. Is there only one kind of happiness, or several? Are all types of happiness the same? Is happiness always good for us? How does happiness differ from fulfillment, meaning, and purpose? This workshop is led by two nationally-known early career psychologists in the science and psychology of happiness, human emotion, and flourishing. You will learn about the science behind emotion and pleasure, as well as ways to cultivate happiness in your own life and to identify your own individual fulfillment profile. This multidisciplinary workshop will include science-based teachings, interactive videos, and group discussions, as well as yoga, breathing, and meditation practices. 
Please bring a notepad and pen.
Recommended reading: Gruber and Moskowitwitz, Positive Emotion: Integrating the Light Sides and the Dark Sides.


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