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What's Next? Reviewing and Revisioning Our Lives

What's Next? Reviewing and Revisioning Our Lives

Weekend of March 14-16, 2014

$405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Periodically, we need to review and revision our lives. Every decade of the life-cycle brings new challenges, goals, pleasures, and horizons. Every crisis—divorce, illness, tragedy, success, failure, retirement—requires us to make a new beginning, take stock of our past, and look for a new vision to guide us toward a more hopeful future. In this workshop, join Sam Keen to explore:
• Where are you in your life-cycle? What have you accomplished?
• What hasn't happened yet? What haven't you done, been, or experienced?
• What have you given? Whom have you loved?
• What's old, stale, worn-out, boring? What destructive patterns do you repeat?
• What infantile guilt and shame lingers? Whom have you not forgiven?
• What's new, interesting, exciting, appealing?
• What decisions do you need to make? What future do you see for yourself?
• What are your emerging passions? What promises and potentials are still unfulfilled?
• What are your dreams, values, visions? Where do you look to find what's next for you?


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