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Sacred Evolution: Yoga and Meditation Weekend of March 10-12, 2017

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This workshop's start date has passed.

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“We are living in the most accelerated time of change in history,” Charu Rachlis writes. “The challenge each of us faces is how to navigate these changes with wisdom, creativity, and joy. Yoga as an ancient art and science oriented toward reducing suffering is the path that will guide us in our time together. We will weave together asanas (postures), meditation, pranayama (conscious breath), and restorative poses. In times like now, there are huge opportunities for growth, which we can see as evolutionary gifts. Regardless of where we live, our station in life, or the circumstances we face, if we embrace what is unfolding before us as an evolutionary gift, we will rise up in consciousness to a new pattern of life. The daily practices during this workshop will support us in opening to the new alignments that are available as long as we surrender and invite ourselves to wholeness and deep connection with the earth and the cosmos. We will embark on a beautiful inner/outer journey that can prepare us to take on the joy and responsibility to embrace sacred evolution. Everyone is welcome.” Please bring a yoga mat and a journal.


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