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Behind the Mask, Beneath the Ego: 5Rhythms® and FaustWork® Mask Theater Weekend of June 9-11, 2017

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The mask is a powerful tool for transformation. From behind the mask, the shy find their voice, the boisterous find a sense of calm, and the scattered find focus.
The 5Rhythms dance practice is a source of creative inspiration that invites you into present time awareness. You will be presented with a system of maps that demonstrate the patterns, rhythms, and cycles of life. In the nonjudgmental 5Rhythms atmosphere, we will learn how to bypass our inner critic-director-ego in order to dance and play from a deeper more soulful place.
Wearing masks allows us to go beneath the ego, where we can find the safety and permission to simultaneously hide and reveal. From behind the mask we are paradoxically “us and not-us.”
In this mask-dance workshop with Lucia and Rob, you will have an opportunity to dance alone, together, and in groups. You will wear full masks, explore new voices wearing half masks, and experiment with masks worn on other parts of the body. Fun, sweat, and soul-searching will ensue.


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