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From Physical to Subtle Body: Strong Medicine for Your Whole Being Weekend of July 7-9, 2017

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Self-love is an architectural feat. Built with movement, meditation, contemplation, and consistency, self-love becomes a radical evolution that impacts everyone near and far.
Join Schuyler Grant and Elena Brower for a weekend of potent, provocative practices to cultivate self-love and well-being. Four practice sessions will weave together yoga asana infused with flow and alignment, meditation and mantra, kriya and creativity.
Elena brings Katonah precision, Kundalini energetics, Parayoga softness, and prayerful amplitude. Schuyler serves up juicy Iyengar-inspired creative flow, seasoned with a devotion to rigorous breath and bandha awareness.
Each practice will begin with kriya and pranayama, followed by inspired vinyasa sequences. Interspersed will be thoughtful alignment instruction that can inform your practice for months to come…and topped off with a sweet dollop of meditation.
Elena and Schuyler are longtime friends and co-conspirators in the relentless pursuit of assimilating wisdom from all the great teachers they can get their hands on into their own manifestations of authentic self-inquiry. They are thrilled to be sharing their passions in the spiritual hot spot of Big Sur.


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