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Massage Weekend for Couples Weekend of January 17-19 , 2014

$405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Come with your partner to discover the movements and creative, loving connections available to your relationship through Esalen® Massage. This workshop will provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and connect, to enhance sensitivity, and to reawaken intimate touch. The fundamental elements of Esalen Massage, such as breath awareness, quality of touch, and long, integrative body strokes, will be combined with creative stretches and table movements to support partners in giving and receiving a pleasurable full-body massage. Sessions will include demonstrations and hands-on instruction, with plenty of assisted practice time and opportunity to focus on breath, trust, and staying present.
The practical massage skills offered here are easily integrated into daily living, useful for relaxation and relieving stress, and appropriate for children, friends, and family.


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