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Advanced and Creative EFT Weekend of February 21-23 , 2014

$405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

If you love Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and are hungry to build your skill and confidence, then this advanced workshop is designed to open up your creativity and intuition. Gwyneth Moss is known for her EFT innovations and particularly the use of imagery, projection techniques, and distance healing. During this workshop, Gwyneth will teach EFT imagineering, projection tapping, protective distancing, three-step surrogate tapping, moodlines, and more. There will be demonstrations, group work, and practice in pairs to help you develop a more conversational and flowing style, understand the difference between intuition and leading, and use imagery with skill and confidence. By the end of the weekend, you will have the tools to demonstrate the application of EFT to a painless but problematic physical symptom, use EFT for difficult relationships and issues of projection, and describe the ethical considerations of applying EFT for distance healing.
The workshop is open to all who love EFT. However, to gain most benefit you will have previously taken EFT training, ideally to Level Two. Please contact Gwyneth Moss with any questions:
($10 materials fee paid directly to the leader)


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