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Reinventing Fire: Advanced Energy Efficiency and Renewable Supplies for Secure and Affordable Energy Without Oil or Coal Weekend of December 13-15 , 2013

$405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Rocky Mountain Institute's 2011 "grand synthesis," Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era, shows how a 2.6x-bigger 2050 US economy could need no oil, coal, or nuclear energy; get the same or better energy services $5 trillion cheaper in net present value, excluding all external or hidden costs; and require no new inventions nor Acts of Congress, with the transition led by business for profit. This seminar by the work's senior author explores Reinventing Fire's astonishing findings, its two big stories — oil and electricity — and its implementation challenges and opportunities across all four energy-using sectors (transportation, buildings, industry, and electricity). This approach can profitably mitigate such diverse problems as energy insecurity, energy poverty, nuclear proliferation, and climate change. It is equally attractive whether one's goals emphasize wealth creation, national security, or environmental stewardship.
This seminar's integrative, transdisciplinary, wide-ranging, state-of-the-art exploration offers uniquely broad and current perspectives on this once-in-a-civilization energy transition — already well underway, yet surprisingly little-recognized. Emphasizing the US but within a global context, the seminar will be most useful to intermediate and advanced practitioners, executives, military officers, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, and concerned citizens of all political views. It will emphasize opportunities and needs in the private sector, combining key innovations in technology, design, public policy, and competitive strategy.
Recommended reading: Lovins & Rocky Mountain Institute, Reinventing Fire; Lovins, Datta et. al, Winning the Oil Endgame; Lovins, Small is Profitable; Hawken, Lovins & Lovins, Natural Capitalism; Lovins & Burns (ed.) The Essential Amory Lovins.


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