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The Tao of Global and Personal Ecology: Making Healthier Choices in Our Daily Lives Weekend of December 1-3, 2017

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For more than three decades, Amory Lovins and Chungliang Al Huang have shared a special kinship in the natural wisdom of the ineffable Tao. As pioneers in their individual paths, they continue to merge in their shared living philosophy and way of being. Many years ago, in a collaboration between Lovins's Rocky Mountain Institute and Huang's Living Tao Foundation, a calligraphic poster was created of “The Tao of Leadership,” based on Verse 17 from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Now it is a collector’s gem gracing the walls of executive offices around the world.
This seminar will be another continuing open dialogue between these two special friends. They will share with participants their mutual respect and convergent ways to invest more deeply in harnessing the powers that be, whether from personal ecology—making healthier and greener choices in our daily lives—or in consort with global politics, especially in relationship to China—the upcoming mighty nation’s influence on world culture, economics, and ecology. To enhance the breadth, depth, and flow of this intensive dialogue, the leaders will also provide music and Tai Ji movement, their personal passion and lifelong practice, to lighten the heart and enlighten the mind.


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