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Dance of Oneness®: Dance Your Passion Weekend of August 1-3 , 2014

$405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

"In the changing face of our world, to survive and truly serve we need to be passionately alive and joyous," writes Banafsheh Sayyad. "The time is NOW to connect deeply with what you truly love and align yourself with source energy to ignite your creative flame and uplift yourself and thereby the world. Since ‘No one can light your flame for you and keep it alive but yourself,’ as Rumi says, it is imperative to have a body/spirit-based practice that serves as a cauldron to nourish this flame."
Designed by Banafsheh, Dance of Oneness facilitates a way to embody the transcendent flame through loving our body, our Self, and living as a Lover. Drawing from Sufism, tai chi, yoga, Persian dance, flamenco, and Middle Eastern tribal dances, Dance of Oneness offers a foundation for creative flight. Banafsheh and Tony will lead the group through an exploration of the chakras and how to ignite the flame in our heart through a sacred marriage of all opposites with guided and free dance, live music, chanting, and meditation. Gain transformative tools to put into immediate practice and move into a place of living an ecstatic life with source energy flowing abundantly and opening you to your full potential. Through peaceful groundedness, empowered embodiment, passionate engagement, and service, live your flame to the extent that even chaos feels like home. Open to all. The workshop includes ceremony and an ecstatic dance celebration. Please bring a yoga mat.
Recommended reading: Harvey, Light Upon Light; Barks, ed. The Essential Rumi.


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