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Skydancing Tantra®: Gateways to Bliss Weekend of April 14-16, 2017

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“How might we relate to our sexuality in a healthier and more sacred way?” ask Margot Anand and Jim Benson. “What practices have been designed by those who have dedicated their lives to cultivating a healthy, empowered sexuality? And how can we channel orgasmic energy through our body, mind, and spirit to enhance our sexual experience?
“We invite you to explore the experience of bliss in sacred relationship to Self and Other. We will practice the unique and proven approaches developed through years of teaching Skydancing Tantra worldwide: visualizations, playful physical practices, voice dialogue, and more. Our goal is to awaken our Inner Lovers, open to trust ourselves and others more fully, and gently dissolve sexual blocks. We will model — and you can practice — the orgasmic response as an energy event, independent of direct sexual interaction, in order to learn the tantric key of relaxing in high states of arousal.
This initiatory journey is designed for heterosexual and same-sex couples, as well as singles. Bliss does not depend on the other. It is an internal process of alignment and expansion.”
Please note: Participants will be fully clothed during this workshop.


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