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Women in Transition: Climbing into Your Authentic Self Week of October 8-13, 2017

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Your house is on fire. Your boat is sinking. What do you want take with you? What are you willing to sacrifice to the fire or watch sink to the depths below?
This workshop will help you make these decisions so you can navigate change and rediscover your most authentic self. In your authenticity, choose what you desire rather than what you or others think you’re supposed to do. Turbulent times are a call to adventure. Embark on your mythic journey with a transformational blend of rigorous and restorative hatha yoga, purposeful writing, deep relaxation, guided meditation, and ceremonial ritual. Women in Transition gives you the space, and tools to ride the wave of change. You’ll be shown strategies and rituals for embracing a deeper connection to your higher self.
Come spend five days in the beauty of Big Sur, utilizing the power of the land and the sacred waters to interweave nature, ceremony, and a healthy dose of humor into the fabric of who you are. The yoga and writing are for all levels.
Please bring a yoga mat and a bolster if you have one, a journal, and an item that symbolizes your deepest, most authentic self.


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