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Songwriting: Catch and Release Week of October 6-11 , 2013

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

What’s in a song and how do I write one? "A song is a made thing, and is most often composed of words, melody, rhythm, and a shape that holds them all," writes Cris Williamson. "We will write every day. We will explore different ways of writing, which will allow you to access your inner river of thoughts. We will catch words from that river, fasten them to the page, and add music to allow a song to emerge. We will employ a combination of solo and group writing. A compressed style of writing can enable us to be more aware, to be better listeners, and to realize that songs live everywhere. We must capture them and set them free.
"You do not need to be a musician or writer to take this workshop. Anyone can do this, and I will show you how. Not only can you do this, but you can be good at it. We all start with baby steps and grow before our own eyes. This is deeply beautiful work, hard and so much fun. Everyone is invited. There is so much joy in this endeavor."
Bring a small tape or digital recorder, a thesaurus, dictionary, and rhyming dictionary if you have one. Bring an instrument if you play one. You may also bring works-in-progress and Cris will help you bring them to completion.


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