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The Gifts of Grief, Entering the Healing Ground Week of May 4-9 , 2014

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

This workshop explores the powerful and mysterious nature of grief. As we turn our attention to the grief we carry — for self, community, and world — we share our deep emotional selves, which brings us into the circle of restoration and into the arms of the sacred. Utilizing the potent tools from Nancee Sobonya’s film, The Gifts of Grief, and Francis Weller’s book, Entering the Healing Ground, this workshop will explore relationships to loss and its potential gifts. Through writing practice, movement, poetry, singing, and ritual, we can discover how to navigate the often wild terrain of grief; illuminate the cultural obstacles to grieving; deepen our trust in our emotional and body wisdom; and build a community of concerned hearts that bring forth our stories of love and loss into the visible world. During this week, we will hold a grief ritual appropriate for modern times: one that is carefully structured and restorative, which will create a sacred place where our grief will be honored and released. This ritual will offer sanctuary for all grief — known or mysterious, great or small, personal or collective. Participants are encouraged to bring photos and other objects symbolic of their losses for the grief ritual.
Recommended reading: Weller, Entering the Healing Ground: Grief, Ritual and the Soul of the World.


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