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Romancing the World: Soulcraft and the Mythopoetic Imagination Week of March 5-10, 2017

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“What ignites your imagination?” the leaders ask. “When do you erupt into awe and wonder? What circumstances bring you heart-achingly alive? What if your own deepest longings are evoked by the world longing for you?
“In Romancing the World, we’ll approach the waters, forest, gardens, and creatures (human and other) as the beloved, awakening the mythopoetic imagination where everything is alive and participatory. Our practices will include ceremony, deep imagery, council, soul-oriented dreamwork, trance drumming, and dancing. We’ll encourage solo wanderings on the land with invitations to tend the mystery of relationship with Earth and cosmos. We’ll live the question, If Earth is romancing us for her own purposes — very much the way the nectar lust of bees serves the desires of flowers — what wild child, what honey, will we create from this joining?
“Romancing the world is a way of falling into the depths of soul as well as nourishing greater intimacy with other-than-human beings. It’s a way of imaginative participation that can shift perception and experience. In the depths of the mythopoetic imagination await visionary seeds that long for expression in our troubled, tender world – potent seeds for artisans of cultural renaissance: change agents, tricksters, artists, poets, therapists, eco-politicians, and true leaders.”
Recommended reading: Plotkin, Soulcraft, Nature and the Human Soul, and Wild Mind.


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