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Mindfulness and Leadership: Developing Courage, Clarity and Compassion Week of March 5-10, 2017

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This workshop's start date has passed.

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Being an effective leader calls on many strengths. Mindfulness develops clarity of vision, compassion leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, and courage supports us in carrying out difficult tasks. All of these qualities can be strengthened through intentional practice. During this workshop, we will reflect on our development as leaders and work on qualities of the heart that can serve us in sustainable leadership. You will be shown practices from Buddhist meditation that can support focus, balance, and creativity. There will be time for writing reflection, visioning, small group sharing, silent meditation, solitary time in nature, and deep rest and relaxation. Come learn how to make your role as a leader part of a deeper path of developing wisdom and compassion.
No prior meditation experience is necessary, but please come with an open mind and heart, and bring a pen and notebook.
Please note: Participants must currently hold a leadership role (managing people and resources) in their organization, business, or community. This workshop is not for coaches or consultants interested in skills training.


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