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Visionseeker: Shamanic Cosmology Week of March 12-17, 2017

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This workshop's start date has passed.

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Over the past 35,000 years, indigenous shamans developed a methodology to expand awareness and explore the many dimensions of reality, generating a rich body of knowledge about the nature and function of the sacred realms. Unfortunately, ever-multiplying overlays of spiritual scripture and esoteric literature have obscured our understanding of these hidden worlds. Today, this confusion is being reversed as the methods of the shaman are being reconsidered by non-tribal Westerners seeking direct experience of the transpersonal realms once again.
Hank Wesselman writes, "This workshop will engage participants in investigative shamanic fieldwork into the numinous regions of the spirit worlds where all mysteries become known. We will deepen connection with our spirit helpers as well as our oversoul and the elder spirits who serve as master teachers on our Cosmic Committee. We will hone our abilities in areas such as divination and attempt to learn more about those localities where the most creative work of souls is accomplished. We will explore the nature of who and what we really are, providing an expanded perspective on the destiny of souls."
Note: Bring a rattle, a drum, a notebook or sketchpad, a set of oil or chalk pastels, a bandanna or eyeshade, and a light blanket. Please refrain from alcohol during the workshop.
Recommended reading: Wesselman & Kuykendall, Spirit Medicine; Wesselman, The Journey to the Sacred Garden and The Spiritwalker Trilogy.


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