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Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: Healing the Back, Shoulders and Hips Week of June 8-13 , 2014

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Deep bodywork, practiced with great sensitivity, is one of the most effective healing modalities available to the bodywork practitioner. Through slowly opening the body’s deeper soft tissue layers, we connect the mind to normally unconscious, “stuck” areas of the physical body, which can release enormous amounts of previously held energy. This energy in turn becomes available to support the body’s innate capacity to self-organize and self-heal, enabling practitioners to support clients in overcoming previously stubborn, seemingly intractable physical conditions.
This program, designed for professional massage and bodywork practitioners, will focus on exploring the modality of deep bodywork as a healing art, and is designed for practitioners who seek to incorporate effective deep tissue techniques into their work. Whether in private practice or working in a spa, the demand for practitioners who have mastered the art of moving deeply into the body with skill and sensitivity is growing.
Our areas of focus will include relieving chronic and acute pain in the back, and around the major joints of the shoulder and hip. We will spend time learning to recognize how to feel soft tissue lesions with our hands wherever we find them, and learn why, at physiological and energetic levels, competent deep bodywork needs to be done slowly to be most effective.
The teachers will be available to answer questions of specific interest to students as they arise during our practice sessions. Professional massage experience is highly recommended for this advanced level class.
Please visit for more information.
Recommended viewing: (DVD) Deep Bodywork I: Healing the Back, Shoulders and Hips, available at
CE credit for nurses;
CE credit for bodyworkers;


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