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Experiencing the Esalen Farm & Garden Week of June 11-16, 2017

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For more than forty years, the Esalen Farm & Garden has provided a holistic model of food security and sustainability—producing food that sustains, heals, and educates the community. Growing one’s own food is a powerful form of activism and a deep source of spiritual experience. The Esalen Farm & Garden staff strives to cultivate soil, plants, and people while honoring the spirit of the land and its ancestors.
This dynamic workshop experience provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Farm & Garden alongside our talented and experienced staff. This week will introduce you to the practical and experiential knowledge needed to start or refine your own garden, as well as a chance to revel in the beauty and power of the Esalen land. You will gain hands-on experience with topics including seed starting, harvesting, cultivation, transplanting, composting, seed saving, flowers, and herbs.
We invite you to explore working on the land as a physical, emotional and spiritual experience. As an Esalen work tradition, Gestalt awareness practice is integrated into our time together, to support our growth processes and group relationships. Each morning after harvest, we gather in a sharing circle to connect with ourselves and each other before the day of learning and working. We ground and connect with the land through mindful and playful activities and rituals. The week culminates with a farm-to-table dinner that we prepare and share in gratitude together on the beautiful farm.


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