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Soul Radiance: Meditation and Self-Discovery Retreat Week of June 1-6 , 2014

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

A soul-centered life is one in which you are grounded in present moment awareness, have ready access to an abiding inner peace, listen to and heed your inner wisdom, express your creativity, and communicate authentically. Does this sound like the sort of life you would like to live? If so, join Sarah McLean to deepen your contemplative and meditation practices and cultivate a soul-centered life. During this retreat, you can:
· Practice deep meditation for insight, rejuvenation, and inspiration
· Cultivate your inner glow with the yoga of breath, meditation in motion, and mindfulness practices
· Maintain a deep connection with your soul - your home of creativity, wisdom, and attention
· Discover your hidden characteristics and qualities through self-inquiry practices
· Practice listening deeply to yourself and others through mindful communication practices
· Reconnect to your center point of peace in any situation
· Establish your own foundation for a soul-centered life
This workshop is appropriate for nonprofessionals and health professionals.
Recommended reading: McLean, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation.


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