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Stealing Fire: The Secret Revolution in Human Possibility  Week of July 9-14, 2017

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There’s a revolution happening right now and it’s hiding in plain sight. All around the world, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and seekers are quietly unlocking the source code to altered states of consciousness and accelerated human performance. In the past, this used to be the domain of mystics, madmen, and misfits—those all too easy to marginalize or ridicule. Now, with advances in neurobiology, technology, and psychology, we have literally stolen fire from the mountaintop and can reproduce these states of accelerated performance and flow at will. We are finding out where in the brain they come from, what triggers them, and how to consciously bring them on. And just in time too, because now more than ever, the world needs us at our best.
This course encompasses a wild and engaging romp through the story at the heart of the book Stealing Fire: The Secret Revolution in Human Possibility and transforms that information into inspiration and practical application. The week’s practices and activities include body-brain training, martial arts and movement, smart tech, and sharing recent psychopharmacology research, among other topics. This course is for rational skeptics, frustrated seekers, and hard chargers of all stripes. If that sounds like your crew, join us!
Recommended reading: Wheal & Kotler, Stealing Fire; Leonard, Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment; Kotler, The Rise of Superman: The Deep Science of Ultimate Human Performance.


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