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The Nature of Movement: Embodiment and the Wilds Week of July 2-7, 2017

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Throughout the ages and across cultural traditions, nature has inspired the human spirit. The wilderness of Big Sur allows us to imprint the collective wisdom of this alive and wild coast in our bodies. The ancient redwood-forested canyons, dramatic meeting of earth and sea, and soft grassy hills remind us of the presence, wisdom, and deep sense of belonging that live in each of us.
This workshop will present simple yet profound practices designed to access our capacity to innovate and participate with the essential movement processes of life. Through physical practices, work in pairs, group discussions, and direct experience of nature, we draw on ancient movement traditions of tai chi and aikido and contemporary somatic practices that offer ways of centering, grounding, and knowing our belonging to the greater community of being.
We will venture out on hikes 4-8 miles in length. During this time in the wild, we can literally come to our senses. We can experience increasingly refined awareness and perceptual practices to enhance our sensitivity to all that wilderness can offer, and reawaken the elements of wilderness within. With awakened senses we can receive nature's richness and beauty, inspiring our deepening relationship with ground, center, and embodiment.
All evenings and most meals will be at Esalen. All levels of experience are welcome, although participants should be prepared for some vigorous physical activity. More information and a waiver will be sent upon registration. For an equipment list and frequently asked questions about Steven's workshops, visit
($30 permit and park entrance fees will be added to the workshop cost)


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