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Living through the Heart: Divine Tactics for a Spiritualized Life Week of February 26-March 3, 2017

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Everything you need to live a grounded, prosperous, love-filled, spiritually authentic life is already built into your greatest gift: your body. Your body has many energetic layers. Each quality that you have identified as “you”—your strengths, your talents, your weakness, your lessons, your joys, and your sorrows—has its assigned place in your energetic field. Compassion, faith, forgiveness and joy each have their actual place in your heart chakra. Becoming a conscious, empowered spiritual person is in part learning to consciously access these in-built qualities; manifesting the ones you want to live by, and transforming the ones that no longer serve you. This can be done. It does not involve a magic wand. It requires conscious work. Spiritual awakening is not an event. It is a path. To walk that life-path, you need tools. Because on the way to that empowered state of open-hearted clarity, we have to see, embrace, and transform the denser energies that also have their places in us. Anger, fear, resentment, and pain can be transformed in Light to provide fuel for our spiritual awakening. In this experiential workshop, you will be taught some of the divine tactics—body centered exercises and meditations, and most importantly, the discernment of the heart—to walk an authentic, useful, spiritualized life.


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