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Heart of Awareness: Joining Embodiment and Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Path Week of February 23-28 , 2014

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

How can we genuinely open ourselves to ever-deepening manifestations of presence and compassion? Psychological work can leave us lost in self-absorption and ego. Spiritual practice may bypass physical and psychological healing. In this workshop, we use somatic practices to heal, bond, and support our psychospiritual development so that the emotional self can support the spiritual self and vice versa. Susan Aposhyan’s embodiment practice as developed in Body-Mind Psychotherapy (BMP) will be the base from which we work. We’ll add somatic meditation practices including the yoga of sitting meditation, circular attunement (again drawn from BMP), mutual meditation, and aimless wandering practice. Susan’s model of loading and unloading identity structures explains the connection between our healing and growth cycles, wholeness within ourselves, and the ability to open to unifying experience. The Buddha began his most important treatise on mindfulness with mindfulness of the body. He presented four primary ways to meditate: standing, sitting, lying, and walking. We will explore all of these within the framework of learning to listen to our embodied selves and trust our own unique path. We will move, breathe, heal, meditate, support each other, practice embodied speech, laugh at the ironies of being human, and delve deeply into our psychospiritual questions.
Recommended reading: Aposhyan, Natural Intelligence and Body-Mind Psychotherapy.


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