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New Year's Silent Meditation Retreat Week of December 29-January 3 , 2014

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Meditating in noble silence offers a special opportunity to focus inward, and to deeply connect with oneself, create intentions, and reflect on life goals. New Year's Eve, with its connection to the winter solstice and new beginnings, is the perfect time to silently journey inward. Participants will set intentions and explore, through seated and moving meditation, themes of self-kindness, self-care, and nurturing. This retreat offers a quiet, reflective New Year’s celebration with the opportunity to discover a deep, centered place within.
"The week will be spent in periods of noble silence with three sessions a day in various meditation practices," writes Mark Abramson. "Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy eating lunch at a silent table and continuing their meditation or joining the open activities of the day at Esalen in mindfulness. I will guide you through a series of practices of both stillness and movement, which will build the momentum of concentration and awareness. We will practice mindfulness meditation utilizing the rich, sensual experience of Esalen, with the sounds of the ocean, the feeling of the air, and the beauty of seeing the colors and textures as well as the rich experience of our own bodies and minds. You may have Tuesday evening free to enjoy New Year's Eve at Esalen (not in silence), or if there is interest, we can sit together in meditation to bring in 2014. We will finish with a meditation and time to connect with the group and share insights and intentions for the new year.”


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