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Entering the Heart of Love

Entering the Heart of Love

Week of December 22-27, 2013

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

This time of year, during the winter solstice, is a poignant time to retreat, slow down, and reflect on letting go of the old and inviting what you want to bring in for the coming season. For many traditions, this season is also a time of love and light, and so what better time to cultivate the heart through meditation practices that open you to deeper experience of love, compassion, and joy?
During this retreat, with the help of ancient Buddhist meditation practices of metta (love), karuna (compassion), and mudita (joy), we will learn how to meet ourselves, one another, and the world with a kind, wise, and joyful heart. We will also explore the simple but profound practice of mindfulness. Cultivating mindfulness meditation forms the foundation for self awareness, empathy, self-compassion, and releasing the boundaries between self and other.
Mark will lead the group in a variety of rich meditations, which will include taking in the beauty and love of nature at Esalen, and how that equally opens and enriches the heart. We will also engage in experiential exercises and playful practices that explore bringing the open heart into the world around us.
Please note: There will be a celebratory Christmas Eve dinner in the Esalen Lodge.


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