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The "Pointing Out" Way of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation  Week of December 1-8 , 2013

$900.00 – $4,975.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

This workshop presents an integrative approach to the practice of Mahamudra meditation, as developed by Daniel Brown. It is designed for everyone—those new to meditation and experienced meditators. The course begins with an emphasis on intensive concentration meditation according to the Indo-Tibetan Nine States of Mental Calming/Staying, followed by an introduction to classic Tibetan emptiness meditation. A balance of mental stabilization and emptiness practices serves as a foundation for the “extraordinary” or essence meditation practices. Essence meditations like the Mahamudra and the Great Perfection assume that wisdom is an inherent property of the natural mind that has become obscured through conceptualization and negative emotional states. Essence meditations are designed to access the natural state of “awakened wisdom” through continuous, uninterrupted mindfulness, taking the non-dual condition of the natural mind and its spontaneous manifestations in the present moment as both the point of observation and the object of the meditation.
The “pointing out” style of instruction developed by Daniel Brown is a relationally-based approach, emphasizing repeated short meditation sessions, with detailed instructions given before and after each session. Leaders point out the desired state, the way to attain it, and how to correct the problems that typically occur. Instructions are individualized for each student.
Susan Mickel and George Protos, both long-time students of Daniel Brown, were trained as teachers and authorized by him to teach this approach.
Enrollment is limited to 30 participants, and participants must attend all sessions. Please bring a meditation cushion, if you would like to use one.


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