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Transforming Trauma with EMDR: Comprehensive Training (Parts 1 and 2) Week of August 29-September 5 , 2014

$900.00 – $4,975.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic method for healing trauma-based problems. Shedding new light on trauma survival—including sexual and physical abuse, accident and surgical trauma, and grief—EMDR is opening doors of the heart to genuine spiritual transformation.
This course is limited to mental-health professionals who are licensed to provide treatment, and mental-health interns who are currently being supervised by an EMDR-trained supervisor. Through lecture, hands-on practice, and demonstrations, participants will be shown:
• Protocols and procedures for using EMDR with a wide range of diagnostic categories
• Client selection criteria and cautions necessary for safe use of EMDR
• Techniques for working with blocked processing and abreactions (catharsis)
• The use of imaginal and cognitive interweaves
• How to use EMDR with adults traumatized as children
• Methods for developing inner resources used for interweaves, ego strengthening, and client closure
This course has been approved by the EMDR International Association. In accordance with the standards for basic EMDR training, participants must complete this course, receive ten hours of consultation from recommended EMDRIA-approved consultants, and then take Laurel Parnell’s Advanced Clinical Workshop and Refresher Course in order to complete the requirements for basic EMDR training.
Participants will be required to submit licensure documentation before attending and must bring copies of their professional licenses or certification to the training. Interns must submit a letter from their supervisors stating that they will supervise the interns.
Required reading: Parnell, A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR: Tools and Techniques for Successful Treatment.
Recommended reading: Parnell, Attachment-focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma and Tapping In: A Step-by-step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resource through Bilateral Stimulation.
($20 materials fee paid directly to the leader)
CE credit for psychologists;
CE credit for nurses;
CE credit for MFTs and LCSWs;


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