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Legacy Group - Experiencing the Esalen Farm and Garden Month of September 29-October 27 , 2013

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

For more than forty years, the Esalen Farm and Garden has provided a holistic model of food security and sustainability — producing food that sustains, heals, and educates our community. We strive to embody our vision of “relational agriculture,” cultivating soil, plants, and people while honoring the spirit of the land and its ancestors.
Immerse yourself in the Esalen Farm and Garden and learn how to grow beautiful, organic food. Gain practical knowledge and experience alongside our talented staff to start or refine your own garden. Topics include seed starting, harvesting, cultivation, transplanting, bed preparation, composting, seed saving, flowers, and herbs. No garden or farm experience is required to join our learning environment. Working on the Esalen land can be a powerful emotional and spiritual experience. Regular check-ins and group process sessions support our personal growth and group relationships. Mindful and playful activities connect us to the land, ourselves, and each other. We celebrate the end of the program by preparing and sharing a glorious farm-to-table meal on the Farm.


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