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Work Study - Nonviolent Communication (NVC), The Language of Life Month of October 27-November 24 , 2013

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

NVC is internationally recognized, taught, and implemented as a tool for quality of life.
During this month of intensive immersion in NVC principles and practices with Jean Morrison, participants are offered the opportunity to strengthen their ability to:
• Live from a consciousness of compassion, for yourself and with others
• Make peace with conflict; affecting emotional health and well-being
• Replace habits of mind and language that create distress and walls of separation with new habits that create connection, understanding, and healing
• Liberate your thinking and reactions in order to transform anger, hurt, and guilt into energy and expressions that serve life
• Clarify and express your emotions and needs, distinct from blame and accusation
• Make empowering requests distinct from demands and expectations
• Apply NVC principles and skills to your goals and aspirations
The sessions (totaling 72 hours of training) include a balance of playful exploration, thoughtful inquiry, powerful exercises for skill-development, and sharing of best practices with participants’ real situations. Guest presenters will augment our NVC practice with their expertise in the Enneagram, mindful meditation, art, and movement.


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