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Work Study - Relational Gestalt Process Month of November 24-December 22 , 2013

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Each of us is born with an inherent drive for aliveness and self-expression and belonging. As we grow up, our sense of self and our ability to be spontaneous may become blocked. Knowing who we are, and what we feel and want, can be difficult when we have lived with the absence of adequate attunement and responsiveness to our emotions. This lack can result in self-judgment and the belief that our emotions are the problem, instead of signals that can point the way toward a better understanding of ourselves and our environment.
The focus of a month with Dorothy Charles and Relational Gestalt Process will be creating a group experience that will provide a context in which feelings can be held and integrated. Individual work with the leader, family of origin work, communication and conflict resolution skills and group process, will be used to develop awareness, self-responsibility, to create relationships with self and others that are supportive and enlivening. Meditation and expressive arts will also be part of the curriculum.


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