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Legacy Group - Transforming Your Identity, Finding Your Authentic Self Month of November 24-December 22 , 2013

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Our emotions can be hugely important in determining the quality of our lives. They occur in every relationship we care about – in the workplace, friendships, with family members, and in our intimate relationships. Emotions can, and often do, arise very quickly. Our conscious self usually does not participate in or even witness what, exactly, triggers an emotion at any particular moment. That speed can save our lives in an emergency, but it can also ruin our lives when we react rather than respond.  
Using an Emotional Intelligence framework, Tanya McGinnity will lead participants on a journey to witness their current capabilities and be encouraged to reach their highest potential. By establishing trust we create an energetic container in which participants will feel safe to dive deep into their souls through guided imagery and self-reflective questioning. By reflecting on negative patterns they will be able to determine the false identities that have been informing their negative self-talk. This transformative course is dedicated to a deep exploration of vision, identity, values, and emotions in order to live intentionally and with purpose, connected with a radiant life force.


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