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Legacy Group - PiaSoma, Balancing Body-Mind Month of May 11-June 8 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

"My passion is to help co-create a deeper and more profoundly satisfying experience of Life," writes Char Pias. PiaSoma is a somatically based approach to personal development and transformation. The foundational premise is to access the innate wisdom of the body to release stress, chronic tension, and trauma, and thus bring the body-mind back into balance or homeostasis. From this state of being, we gain a renewed sense of self, an expanded perspective, and the ability to clearly recognize life-affirming choices. The main modalities that participants will experience during this monthlong immersion are TRE®-Tension/Trauma Release Exercises, a simple and effective self-care technique, and PiaSoma Touch, a form of laying-on-of-hands and bodywork received through clothing. Supporting activities will be introductions to meditation, Qi Gong, dance, and Circle of Life Wellness Coaching.
PiaSoma was created over three decades by teacher and facilitator Char Pias. The word ‘PiaSoma’ is derived from Char’s Greek surname, which originates from the Latin meaning sacred, honest, kind, and devoted. Soma is from the Greek, literally meaning the physical body. The field of somatics encompasses holistic, body-centered approaches that help people reconnect with self and transform through practices that promote psycho-physical awareness and well-being.
CE credit for bodyworkers;


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