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Work Study - The Human as Two: Channeling in History and Practice Month of May 10-June 7 , 2015

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Channeling is a modern expression of an ancient practice found all over the world and throughout human history in numerous forms, from ancient Greek prophecy to various forms of divine possession to the revelation of scripture. Those practices generally involve a deity, ancestor, spiritual intelligence, discarnate being, or other dimension of the self speaking through a human person to an individual or a community, usually for some set purpose, crisis, or direction. They are also deeply intertwined with the history and practice of inspired writing.

Jeffrey Kripal is a historian and professor of religions at Rice University who specializes in the study and comparison of such altered states of mind and energy.  He will guide the group through a broad historical understanding of these practices and provide a simple model through which we might understand them in our own modern terms (from the study of comparative mystical literature and modern neuroscience). Student-scholars will also be encouraged to consider practical applications of the channeling "Human as Two" in dream-journaling, in experiences of synchronicity, and in creative writing.

Please note: This workshop is a joint-session with the Legacy Program. Part of this workshop will be channeled with Paul Selig. Part will be dedicated to an open discussion of the history and theology of channeling with Paul and Jeff. The channeling itself will be distributed evenly across both groups. The guides that Paul works with are gentle and kind and provide guidance in a non-traditional manner.

Recommended reading: Selig, I Am The Word; Kripal, Authors of the Impossible.

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