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Work Study - The Transformative Power of Emotion Month of March 16-April 13 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Living a full and connected life requires our capacity to feel and to make use of our emotional experience. Much of the alienation and separation that occurs in our relationships and family life is the result of the fear of feelings. We disconnect from our emotional life when we are afraid of being overwhelmed, humiliated, or perceived as weak or inadequate, only to pay the price later in isolation, anxiety, and depression. If we can be helped to feel safe enough to feel, we can reap the profound benefits of experiencing and exploring our emotions. Safety is created within the experience of accessing and expressing feelings in the company of an accepting, attuned, and understanding other. When we are accompanied in this way, the formerly frightening and intolerable sensations of our emotions can be not only tolerated, but felt as an essential part of our vitality and our connection to other people. We can gain increased aliveness, presence, and the sense of freedom and mastery that comes from facing what we have avoided. Our relationships improve and deepen as a result of our ability to feel at ease with our own feelings and to be present with the feeling of others. In this program, led by Dorothy Charles, we will create a safe and supportive environment in which our emotions can be met with curiosity, interest, and acceptance. The format combines Gestalt Process, guided imagery, small group work, dyadic awareness exercises, discussion, group process, and opportunities for open seat with the leader.


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