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Legacy Group - Yoga for Optimal Living Month of March 16-April 13 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

This month is all about practicing yoga as a path through which you can directly access the wisdom of life and awaken to your human potential by promoting and supporting your natural alignment and the knowledge of your body, breath, and mind. Develop a heightened sense of body-awareness and self-awareness that can deepen your practice on the yoga mat, and take those skills into your life off the mat. The regular practice of yoga naturally generates a healthy belief system based upon your direct experience of the world through a more flexible nervous system.
With emphasis on honoring the inherent wisdom in your body and awakening your natural intelligence through the mechanics of yoga, this program explores:
• Asana - the physical body. Using alignment instructions and the messages in your body as your guide to find your yoga. Develop your natural ability to listen, sense, and feel and to hold yourself in a nurturing way
• Pranayama - the action of proper breath. Deepen your ability to breathe in life, to expand and enliven the flow of life-force (prana)
• Meditation - the focus on the state of mind. Find that place of calm, centered balance, and stillness
Jan Sinclair and Rob Wilks welcome all levels of experience to join them in an exciting exploration of awakening and enlivening your life-force for optimal living and immersing yourselves more fully in all aspects of your life.


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