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Work Study - Relational Leadership: Building a Radically Engaged Culture Month of June 4-July 2, 2017

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This program is part of our Integral Leadership Summer Series.
The Relational Center, in Los Angeles, Calif., has pioneered an innovative leadership training that inspires people around the globe to be more empathically engaged, to join and support social movements, and to catalyze a culture of interdependency. The Relational Center’s founder and executive director, Mark Fairfield, will offer Esalen ILP work scholars this month-long workshop, inspired by the Culture of Radical Engagement training program (championed by former Esalen Legacy program collaborators Lucien Demaris and Cedar Landsman), a learning intensive in culture-building for activists, organizers, and movement leaders.
Relational leadership is a link between human potential and the possibilities for change in the social and natural environments. This workshop integrates grassroots community organizing, somatic engagement, and distributed leadership. It incorporates a strategic storytelling tradition designed to build trust, identify overlapping values, and elicit collective empathy. It also takes us beyond the service provision context, equipping participants in peer support and replication strategies. The program targets engaged leaders who stand for personal transformation as much as social, economic, and environmental justice.
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