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Legacy Group - Comedy Improv: Humor for Health and Self-Discovery Month of July 6-August 3 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

In this uproariously fun workshop, we will soothe our spirits and re-energize ourselves with laughter. Guided by comedy-improv pro Jacqueline Kabat, we will explore the basic principles of comedy improvisation to tap into our deeper dimensions, and we’ll discover how to use these practices to develop our personal potential in everyday life. Working together as a group to eliminate any individual fear, we will participate and cheer for one another in a safe environment — and have fun doing it.
Comedy-improv exercises can generate a significant amount of self-discovery and insight. When we’re having fun, we’re relaxed. When we’re relaxed, we’re listening and communicating, and that’s when we’re able to overcome insecurities and express our full capabilities. By being completely present and open to whatever happens, we can increase our confidence, improve our relationship skills, and deal creatively with ambiguous and constantly changing circumstances. As we continue to practice the tenets of comedy improv upon our return home, we may discover that we can tap into the best within ourselves in any given situation with the healing power of laughter.


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