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Legacy Group - Speak to Inspire Month of July 30-August 27, 2017

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This program is part of Esalen's Integral Leadership Summer Series.
The opportunity to lead comes to us every day. Whether we're at the dining room table, in a conference room, or on a public platform, leadership in action is about bringing our best ideas into the world in ways that move others to action. 
Speak to Inspire is about creating a vision and dramatically increasing your ability to move hearts and minds through the power of the spoken word. It’s about the performative side of leadership. Peter Meyers will draw on his three decades of experience as a stage actor, director, and consultant to leaders in organizations across 29 countries. This is a dynamic, creative, and playful program that can help you recognize and release your hidden potential. You will be taught strategies for overcoming your fears (or limiting mindsets) and increasing your awareness of how to authentically influence the people around you.  
The program focuses on these goals:
· Structuring clear, compelling narratives in any setting
· Using professional performance techniques to deepen your leadership presence and amplify your message
· Managing your emotional state and transforming your fear into passion
· Elevating your confidence, poise, and power in high-stakes situations
· Building greater trust and rapport in one-to-one conversations
· Storytelling and the power of sensory language
· Recognizing blocks to effective dialogue and building bridges to engage and influence a conversation
· Engaging in tough conversations without sacrificing a relationship or personal bond
Recommended reading: Meyers, As We Speak: How to Make Your Point and Have it Stick.
Esalen's Integral Leadership Program (ILP) targets college-aged and recent graduates. For more information and to apply, visit


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