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Legacy Group - Path of the Liberated Leader: Realizing Authentic Vision and Living Purpose Month of July 2-30, 2017

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This program is part of Esalen's Integral Leadership Summer Series.
"During this course, we will discover what is at the heart of each of our unique paths of leadership," says Vanessa Stone. "Steeped in self-inquiry and the contemplative study of nature, we will share a month of mindful living and meaningful connection while using the power of awareness to illuminate the way we walk through our lives. We will cultivate the art of trusting our unique nature, trusting what we are made of, and trusting the power of Life. All of our exploration will serve as the catalyst for how we meet, work, and integrate into our world, communities, and everyday life. The path of a true leader begins with an honest assessment of where we are diminishing, avoiding, or hiding from our greatest expression and potential. This course will provide a healing space to take a raw, honest look at the blocks, fears, beliefs, and insecurities that keep us from fully engaging with the infinite field of possibility that is our life. We will focus on the importance of doing the work of discovering who we truly are, so we can step into liberated leadership."
In this course, the group will explore:
• Trusting the self and honoring our true nature
• Liberated leadership sourced in self-discovery
• The power of authenticity and self-inquiry
• The places in ourselves in need of healing, awareness, and evolution
• The inner work needed to clear the path for our freedom
• Service as a path of personal evolution
• The art of inspired facilitation
• Embodied leadership, engaged spirituality, sustainable service
This course offers an experiential immersion in transformational leadership and visionary service. This is an invitation to live in authenticity and return to an aligned, inspired, and nourished way of life with self, others, and world.
Esalen's Integral Leadership Program (ILP) targets college-aged and recent graduates. For more information and to apply, visit


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