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Legacy Group - Shamanic Paths to Healing Relationships Month of January 19-February 16 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

How can we set the stage for relational magic? This is our central question as we step onto shamanic paths, which offer unique opportunities for healing the traumas and dramas that can distort all kinds of relationships — with lovers, friends, parents, children, and more. Using a multidimensional approach developed over four decades as a sexuality therapist, researcher, author, and shamanic practitioner, Gina Ogden invites you to connect expansively with yourself, others, and the planet. During this program, which is designed for everyone (individuals and partnered pairs), we will walk the ISIS Wheel, a template for exploring our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life stories. We will enter ceremonial space to release dense, unhelpful energy, realign our bodies, open our hearts, clarify old messages, move beyond ego, and anchor inspiration and learning. We will take away innovative ways to navigate our relationships, care for ourselves, honor the earth, and find support from the universe, even in times of crisis and danger.   This program is especially useful training for those in helping professions.

Required reading: One or more of the following books: Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy, The Heart & Soul of Sex, The Return of Desire.


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