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Work Study - Seeing Eye to I: Learning the Art of Wellness Month of January 18-February 15 , 2015

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

The eyes reveal many mind-body patterns related to health. For example, neuroscience shows that the eye pathway connects directly and influences brain function, the endocrine system and the nervous system. Hanna Somatics presents that prenatal infant movements affect adult postural, visual, and cognitive patterns. Traditional Chinese Medicine conveys that many of the energy meridians connect to the eyes, especially the liver (the major detoxification organ of the body).
This month-long program uses The Berne Method®, an individualized approach that begins by guiding each student to self-discover the visual patterns and imprints he or she may be using as an adaptive response to stress, trauma, and cultural conditioning. Sam will then offer a developmental process of eye-brain mindful awareness activities, Continuum movement, medicinal essential oils, and other subtle energy therapies to help students increase creativity and vitality. Sam believes the group dynamic or unified field amplifies healing. His gentle and humorous approach creates a safe, trusting environment for students to increase their wellness potential by learning deeper self-responsibility, self-regulation, and sustaining health practices.
Behind The Berne Method® are a diverse variety of disciplines, including vision therapy, biofield analysis, quantum physics, somatic movement, craniosacral therapy, dolphin-assisted therapy, and photo (light) therapy with respect to expanding human potential.
Required reading: Berne, I Sense: At Play in the Field of Healing (book or audio download), Creating Your Personal Vision: A Mind-Body Guide for Better Eyesight (book).
( $30 materials fee paid directly to the leader)


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