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Work Study - Sharing Your Life Story Month of February 16-March 16 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Everything in your life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, is a story waiting to be told. During this program you can discover your own unique and powerful story. Michel de Montaigne, the great personal essayist, said, “Every man has within himself the entire human condition.” The intention of this workshop is for you delve deep into your own personal narrative. Writing from your deepest source, you can gain insight and self-understanding that can bring peace and healing. We will then make our words leap from the page to the stage, sharing them orally to uncover the power of performance to transform your life and your listeners. This is a program for those seeking to explore personal essay, memoir, solo performance, or the sacred practice of journaling.
Through improvisation, writing exercises, and group discussion, you will find your authentic voice, along with a way to express it. Ann Randolph creates a supportive, fun, and dynamic space in which to create. Topics include:
• Writing exercises to stimulate memory
• Learning to structure the narrative in a compelling way
• Transforming your ideas/stories into performance
• Discovering ways to create spontaneously
• Overcoming performance anxiety
• Tools to release yourself from the inner critic
• Playing with multiple characters and contradictions within ourselves


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