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Work Study - Opening the Creative Channel Month of February 15-March 15 , 2015

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

If you told the story of your heart, what story would you tell? If your life was a song, what would that song be? Have you thought, “I can't sing- I don't play an instrument, and I'm scared of that.” This program, led by Johnsmith, is for those who don't think they can sing, who are afraid, who were told they can't carry a tune, and who don't play an instrument. This is an invitation to go to your edge and discover the beauty of expressing your story and spirit through creativity and song.
The focus of this program is to open the creative heart through prose, singing, songwriting, storytelling, and poetry. With a mindful and playful attitude, along with the magic and natural beauty of Esalen, we’ll court the Muse and immerse ourselves in creative flow.
The program utilizes the following activities and exercises:
· Journaling, writing exercises, song assignments, and co-writing
· Songwriting tools including verse and chorus writing, rhyming, and metaphor
· Solo and group singing, performance, and impromptu jams
Playing a musical instrument is not necessary, but you are welcome to bring one if you play. Johnsmith’s workshops help students cultivate a fun, dynamic, and safe place to experience our creative selves. John will also be inviting guest artists and staff to assist during the month.


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