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Work Study - Spinal Awakening with the Gyrokinesis® Method Month of August 31-September 28 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Who am I today? Listening to and perceiving through your spine can give you answers to this question. As the central and organizing structure that holds and radiates our life force, our spine gives us access to subtle energy centers that are situated along the vertical axes of the body. On a more physical level, the spine gives support against gravity, mobility to function in a 3-D world, and is essential to distributing information throughout the body by forming a pathway for the nervous system. Still, most people are unaware of their backbone unless it sends signals of pain and diminished range of movement.
Led by Juergen Bamberger, this Gyrokinesis Method program offers movement rituals that start a dialogue with the spine, which can bring back feelings from childhood when the body was still fluid and our relationship with it unbroken. By moving the spine systematically, we can regain our youthful vitality and the pleasure to inhabit our body. As a group we experience the rhythm and pulse of waving, spiraling, and arching movements, as well as the power of the breath that supports them. The movement explorations range in quality from calming and introspective to active and invigorating. Through the Gyrokinesis Method we can free ourselves from old restrictions, learn tools to transform physical and emotional stress, and integrate thought forms that keep us from moving freely.


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