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Work Study - The Ensemble Process Month of August 3-31 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

In the centuries-old tradition of ensemble theatre, individual charisma and creativity are vitally bound up with the greater energy of the group. Modern modes of expression and understanding from jazz to systems theory have affirmed the power of symbiosis. There is now a greater understanding of a model of leadership fueled not by the decisions of a single personality but by the pulse and wisdom of the ensemble.
During this program, Peter James Meyers, veteran stage director and leadership consultant, will help cultivate communication skills, self-assurance, and physical presence through a process of group discovery and performance.
Along the way, the group will practice movement, voice, and improvisation techniques that will allow each participant to amplify personal presence, enhance spontaneity, and heighten clarity of thought. In short, learn how to captivate a room and shape an audience’s experience.
This is an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in blending performing arts with the art of leadership—expanding expressive skills while cultivating the ability to command and inspire. Participants will create an original theater piece to be offered to the Esalen community at the end of the month. Open to participants of all backgrounds and interests.
Recommended reading: Meyers, As We Speak: How to Make Your Point and Have it Stick.


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