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Work Study - Body Centered Awareness Month of April 13-May 11 , 2014

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

"The issues are in the tissues.” Habitual beliefs and behaviors formed early in life lead to habitual ways of responding that limit life experience. Our bodies are our greatest resource. They provide a direct path for exploring these unconscious beliefs and the emotions tied to them. By increasing awareness of our bodies, we connect with the here and now, where change and growth are possible.
This experiential class will blend the slow, developmental movement of Cortical Field Reeducation® with the mindfulness practices of Hakomi and Gestalt. Patrice Hamilton uses these awareness practices to assist individuals in reclaiming and integrating forgotten or denied aspects of self.
Working in a supportive group environment creates a container in which new ways of moving and being can be explored and expressed. Exploring with curiosity and compassion allows for release of physical restrictions and suppressed emotions. You will emerge feeling more grounded and comfortable in your body, with an increased capacity to remain present within yourself and with others.
26 hours of CE credit for bodyworkers;


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